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In the pulse-pounding world of sports, every athlete deserves a team that understands their journey, both on and off the field. At One Dream Agency, we champion athletes with the same passion and dedication they bring to their games. Our comprehensive sports representation covers everything from contract negotiations to personal brand building, ensuring our athletes are set up for success in every arena. We're not just representatives; we're partners in your pursuit of excellence. With a global network and a commitment to each athlete's individual goals, One Dream is where your sports aspirations find their true north. Dive in and discover the pinnacle of sports representation.

Basketball Players


Our agency backs basketball talents aiming for greatness on and off the court, prioritizing career progression, strategic brand alignments, and life mastery. We're dedicated to nurturing well-rounded athletes who stand out in every play and partnership.


Our agency supports baseball stars shining both in the diamond and beyond, fostering career advancement, solid brand connections, and essential life competencies. We’re committed to cultivating athletes who excel in every inning and endeavor.

Baseball Pitcher


Our team elevates football players to excel on the field and in life, focusing on career development, influential brand deals, and vital life skills. We’re dedicated to shaping well-rounded athletes who score in every aspect of their professional journey.


We propel futbol/soccer players to victory on the pitch and in personal growth, emphasizing career progression, strategic brand relationships, and key life skills. Our commitment is to develop athletes who triumph in every match and milestone.

Soccer Training


We guide MMA fighters to dominance in the octagon and strategic growth outside of it, focusing on career trajectory, strong brand partnerships, and foundational life skills. Our dedication is to sculpting athletes who are as formidable in life's arenas as they are in combat.


We champion boxers to achieve knockout success in the ring and strategic victories in life, concentrating on career advancement, impactful brand affiliations, and life skill mastery. Our pledge is to foster athletes who are champions in every round and beyond.

A Close Match
Wrestling Takedown


We back wrestlers to grapple with success on the mat and seize opportunities in life, honing in on career elevation, robust brand partnerships, and essential life skills. Our commitment is to craft athletes who pin down triumph in each match and life’s challenges.

Track & Field Athletes

We drive track and field athletes to sprint towards success on the track and leap into life's opportunities, focusing on career acceleration, strategic brand endorsements, and core life skills. Our dedication lies in fostering athletes who race to victory in competition and in personal development.



We serve tennis players by acing their career growth on the court and strategic brand collaborations off it, alongside coaching in crucial life skills. Our aim is to develop athletes who score success in every match and life's various challenges.


We support swimmers in making waves in the pool and navigating success in life, emphasizing career milestones, meaningful brand partnerships, and essential life skills. Our focus is on developing athletes who not only swim with speed but also move with purpose through every aspect of their career.

Swimmer in Swimming Lane
Man Playing Golf


We assist golfers in driving their career forward on the greens and securing winning brand partnerships off the course, while also mastering life’s fairways. Our commitment is to shaping athletes who excel in every swing and life's strategic plays.


We fuel racers to speed ahead on the track and in life, focusing on career advancement, powerful brand alliances, and essential life skills. Our dedication ensures our athletes are equipped to win not just races but also life's diverse challenges.

Three Motorcycles
Image by Emma Dau


We empower student-athletes navigating NIL opportunities to maximize their brand potential in collegiate sports while aligning with impactful endorsements and acquiring key life and financial skills. Our dedication is to cultivating a balanced portfolio of success, both academically and in their future professional endeavors.


We support coaches in strategizing wins on the field and securing influential collaborations off it, enhancing their leadership skills and career trajectory. Our commitment is to mentor figures who inspire excellence in every game plan and life’s broader goals.

Image by Markus Spiske
Winning Match

Professional Wrestling

We guide pro wrestlers to stardom in the ring and solid brand deals outside, shaping their image and careers. Our aim is to create icons who excel in every bout and brand venture.


We mentor jiu-jitsu athletes to master their marketability, focusing on career growth, strong brand partnerships, and life balance. Our goal is to shape champions who grapple with success in every competition and collaboration.

Judo Practice
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