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Our Way

Clothing Apparel 

Our Way Clothing Apparel, a distinctive merch brand under the One Dream Agency umbrella, combines style and comfort to embody the spirit of our diverse client roster. Catering to the modern individual, each piece is crafted to represent the unique identities of the talents signed with us, empowering you to express yourself through fashion that resonates with your personal journey.


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Arkansas NWFA

Mixed Martial Arts Promotion

Arkansas NWFA stands as a rising powerhouse in the mixed martial arts scene, providing a thrilling platform for both established and up-and-coming MMA fighters. Based in the heart of Arkansas, this promotion is renowned for hosting high-octane events that captivate local and regional audiences. With a focus on showcasing a mix of raw talent and seasoned skill, Arkansas NWFA has carved out a reputation as a launchpad for fighters on their journey to greatness. The organization prides itself on not just the adrenaline-pumping matches, but also on fostering a community around the sport, making it a go-to destination for MMA fans and athletes alike. As it continues to grow, Arkansas NWFA is setting new standards in regional MMA promotions, combining the excitement of the sport with a deep commitment to the development of its fighters.



Maurice's Dream

Non-Profit Organization

Maurice's Dream is a visionary non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth by helping them build a roadmap to their dream careers. At the heart of our mission lies the belief that every child deserves the chance to explore their potential and turn their aspirations into reality. We facilitate this journey through comprehensive programs that include internships, providing hands-on experience and valuable insights into various professions. Beyond practical career guidance, Maurice's Dream is committed to enriching the lives of these young individuals by offering unique experiences they might otherwise not have access to, such as traveling to new places and attending exciting sporting events. These opportunities not only broaden their horizons but also instill a sense of possibility and adventure. By nurturing dreams and providing the tools and experiences to chase them, Maurice's Dream is helping shape a future where every child can achieve their professional and personal goals.


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Marina Beauty

Esthetician Brand

Enhancement, specializing in makeup, brows, and lashes. With a commitment to excellence and an eye for detail, Marina Beauty has become a haven for those seeking to elevate their natural beauty. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that each client is unique, deserving personalized attention and a tailored approach to their beauty needs. Our expert team of estheticians is not just skilled in their craft; they are artists who transform each service into a luxurious experience. Whether it's creating the perfect arch in your brows, applying meticulously crafted lashes, or crafting a makeup look that resonates with your personal style, Marina Beauty ensures you leave feeling confident and radiant. Embracing the latest techniques and trends, priding themselves on delivering results that are both stunning and natural, making Marina Beauty the go-to destination for all your esthetic desires.


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Ovation Streaming

Streaming Company

Ovation Streaming is a revolutionary platform that breathes new life into the world of entertainment. More than just a streaming service, Ovation Streaming is a passionate advocate for underrepresented talent and the unsung heroes of the creative world. Our mission is to provide a stage where emerging productions, regardless of their budget or scale, can shine brightly. With a dedicated team of industry experts, we curate a diverse array of content spanning film, theater, music, and more. Ovation Streaming is your gateway to discovering hidden gems, connecting with artists, and embarking on an enriching journey of exploration. Join us in celebrating the boundless world of creativity and together, let's give deserving artists the recognition they've long deserved.


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Society Speaks

Media Company

Society Speaks a transformative force in the media landscape, set for a  commitment to delivering factual, unbiased information alongside thought-provoking, opinionated content. What set this media giant apart was its unwavering dedication to truth, seamlessly blending hard-hitting journalism with insightful perspectives. As it expanded its horizons, Society Speaks is set to become a go-to platform for comprehensive sports, political, opinionated, and documentary space.coverage, transcending the traditional boundaries to create a dynamic engagement unparalleled in the industry. With an innovative approach to storytelling and an unrelenting pursuit of diverse perspectives, it wasn't just about reporting scores and statistics; it will be about capturing the essence of sports, the narratives behind the games, and the human stories that resonate within the world of athletics. Society Speaks will create a space in sports media by fostering a community where passion for sports met the artistry of storytelling, captivating audiences and fostering an unmatched level of engagement as well as the political, opinionated, and documentary space.


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