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Madison Hollberg


Madison Hollberg stands as a beacon in the modeling industry, where her unique blend of classic beauty and modern charisma sets her apart. She possesses a chameleon-like ability to transform for every shoot, making her a favorite among photographers and designers seeking a muse who can bring their vision to life. Madison's portfolio is a testament to her range, featuring everything from high-fashion editorials to commercial campaigns, each marked by her distinct elegance and effortless poise. Her natural affinity for the camera, combined with her dedication to the art of modeling, results in captivating imagery that speaks volumes. Represented by One Dream Agency, Madison is more than a model; she's a storyteller who communicates through her presence and expression. Her journey is not just about gracing runways or adorning magazine covers; it's about leaving a lasting impression in the world of fashion and beyond, inspiring a new generation of models to embrace their individuality. With each project, Madison Hollberg continues to redefine what it means to be a model in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

Madison Hollberg

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