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Nick Campbell

Mixed Martial Artist

Nick Campbell is a Mixed Martial Artist, with a current  professional record of 0-1.  Nick had an amateur record was 6-7.   Nick has fought for promotions like Showcase MMA and Warrior FC. Nick fights primarily in South Carolina and Tennessee, but is willing to travel and fight in other locations. Nick fights out of Spartanburg, SC at gyms Goonz Academy and No Mercy MMA. 


21st out of active South Carolina Pro Featherweights

22nd out of active South Carolina Pro Lightweights 

25th out of active Tennessee Pro Featherweights 

31st out of active Tennessee Pro Lightweights 

250th out of active US Southeast Pro Featherweights

275th out of active US Southeast Pro Lightweights

757th out of active United States Pro Featherweights

829th out of  active United States Pro Lightweights

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